I am an award winning Danish fine art photographer with a passion for nature and wildlife.

My ambition is to create work that expresses the beauty of nature. I do so by capturing light, which is the source to all life, and the way it shapes natural forms.

I am especially fascinated by Nordic landscapes. I love the quiet moments in the middle of wilderness and I go to great lengths not to disturb nature and the animals. This process requires a lot of patience. I sit, at times for hours, to capture the right moment with the right light.

I edit my photos with respect to the light and what I experienced on location, because the camera is always a filter to reality.

I take long exposure photos that catch elements we are unable to see with our bare eyes, and when I get close to the subject, a new world opens up, revealing its incredible beauty.

I am represented by Agora Gallery in New York - Link to Agora Gallery

If you want to buy my photos or if you want a presentation about nature photography, you are always welcome to contact me on email: kvarmlose@gmail.com

You can call me on +45 4255 3388

You can follow me on instagram: @kvarmlose by clicking the icon below.